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We hope to be a clan that formed something more than a clan, but a family, a family that never gives up and is always ready to fight with intentions to beat others. By working together using strategy, teamwork and skill we are able to take on any challenge and give it our all. Clearly not all the close ones as players but as brothers, as a family we are the life force of our clan.

Our Clan focuses on improving ourselves and our team mates.
We are looking for active, friendly, and skilled members that are willing to raise this clan to be one of the best clan in Begone.
Clan created the 06/26/16, clan headed for "Sirius" With youtuber gamer, thought his name might have our clan to lift him up and we all will know in BeGone

Sirius, our mission is to be active, respectful members with excellent skill but mostly be a big clan in our community of BeGone.
A clan created and improved by members, with excellent skill and respect, therefore not be easy to enter to Sirius.
Being more than a clan, be a united family.


● All our members are entitled to vote and express their point of view.
● Sirius is a clan based on the attitude, respect, and Equality.
● Prefer more respect than the ability.
● Group of members with excellent skill.
● Each of the members can be expressed in our forum.
● Any member of Bleed may recommend a person more.
● All our members have rights to continue.
● We choose whether to accept or reject an invitation of clan war.
● All members help us make a decision.
● All members can organize unofficial battles for fun.
● Any member of our family may recommend photos of Sirius for us.
● Any member may suggest a change in our structure.
● Everyone has access to our wars between our family.
● We meet with us to discuss of our clan and to improve Sirius.

Do you have any doubt as Sirius works?
Just click on one of these options to investigate more

How to join Sirius?

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