How to join Sirius?

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How to join Sirius?

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:58 pm

Let's talk about you, how you can contribute to Sirius? The structure of this clan is not based solely on ability, we must know several points where you could have,for example respect / skills / Ideas / loyalty / working methods / patience and above all maturity.

Joining to sirius is an easy task, it does not have any obstacle, are only a few basic requirements that anyone could have.

Some tips

  • Attitude: Keep a good attitude, respect for not only Sirius members, if in general, be respectful to everyone.
  • Loyal: If you are looking for a clan just for fun, this is not your choice, do not want members to change clan each week, the most important of a relationship is faithfulness.
  • Skills:If this option is not the only one that you don't have doesn't matter, but if you have very good skills could really use for help us.
  • Idiom:There are many people who do not know English, we understand, but it is preferable to try to use a translator to communicate with us.
  • Activity:If you have applied, is much better if you are active, if not the application process may take longer
  • Be yourselfDon't try to impress us trying to be somebody else

Application Process

Once you feel confident that meets all the requirements and feel you can be part of Sirius, you can apply using our code,you have to take this to answer questions about you in relation to Sirius. Code Application

Pending Application

Made its application, implementation agreements are carried, there will be within plus or minus 2 to 3 weeks, you will wonder Why so long?, all the time could know better, get a little more, have a good communication with the family Sirius who will be the judge of you.

If you stay active, we invite you to matches either clan wars, for fun or just to share skills, so we will demonstrate his ability to play and work together.

After days of play and talk to you, meet you further, the next step will be the "Poll" is inciarĂ¡, here is the part where Sirius judge it as good or bad fellow either working or friendly, Sirius their members voted at their discretion on whether or not, as you in some way or another you will have to convince for the "yes" and not with words but with deeds.

Message Poll

Comes a PM (Private Message) with one of these 2 points for you.

Yes: Congratulations you are now part of our family, join us on an adventure with Sirius

No: Unfortunately if you was rejected, could retrying apply with us once again, but after the first rejection will have to wait 1 month to apply again, if again being was rejected you have to wait two months for apply again.

Do you have any doubt as Sirius works?
Just click on one of these options to investigate more


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